Quentim Elias

Quentin Elias (born May 10, 1980) is a model, singer, actor and adult entertainer. Originally from France, he was the former lead singer for French boy band Alliage. After his departure from the group, he relocated to New York City where he currently resides.
Elias has modeled for several fashion designers such as Armani and Jean Paul Gaultier. In 2008, Elias (using the pseudonym of "Q") appeared on the hardcore gay pornography site "Randy Blue," performing as a solo model in pornographic videos. Elias stated, "I have done so much in my career, this adult video is one more thing I have done in my career, it came to me at a point in my life when I felt very sexual and felt the need to express myself through sex."

Here is his new music clip:

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